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PostSubject: Application   Application EmptySat Oct 18, 2008 9:20 pm

Hi ! Told you I'd apply. Smiley
Name : Johnny Trust
IGN : iTrust
Age : 14
Country : United States
E-mail : Will only be released to Bonked in private if necessary.
Alright, I know I'm applying for this at a low age. Despite that, I fit many of the requirements. I can type quickly and with nearly perfect* grammar when required. I have played Global MapleStory since Beta so I have a full understanding of Towns, NPCs, Monsters, Items, Skills, Stats, etc. I got into private servers about a month ago, and i have Been a GM on 7 Diffrent Servers in which have all been Shutdown.. I have studied and have a solid understanding of the GM skills and commands from Forums and YouTube videos.

Total Overview

1.Know and fully understand everything about MapleStory. (monsters, items, scrolls, quests, ALL.)
2. Have a solid understanding of all GM commands.
3. Nearly perfect grammar and spelling.
4. Can help with ANY question.
5. Rating of BleachMs: 10/10.
6. I'm in grade 9 and have minimal amounts of homework. This means ample amounts of free time, so I can patrol MapleRelic a LOT.
7. I look amazing in a GM Hat.
Thanks for reading.
P.S. - Others may be using the fact that they are an HTML / Javascript expert to increase their chances of becoming a GM. But a thing like that can only help you to apply for the Coder/Scripter position.
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