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 My GM Application(iKillYou)

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My GM Application(iKillYou) Empty
PostSubject: My GM Application(iKillYou)   My GM Application(iKillYou) EmptyThu Nov 27, 2008 11:01 am

Hi My Name Is Tyler,
Ive Had A Lot Of Exp Being A GM For At Least 10 Servers,
They Have All Crashed,
I Have The GM Handbook And Am Always Dedicated To The Server Im Playing On,
I Know A Lot About Private Servers And The Way Everything Works,
I Can Be One Almost Everyday After 3:30 To About 8:30,
And I Will Hold Cool Events That People Will Enjoy Like Monster FM Summon And Race For Prizes,
Please Choose Me For A GM Because With Me Your Server Will Go To The Top. ;D
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My GM Application(iKillYou)
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