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 GM Application Shinkai

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PostSubject: GM Application Shinkai   GM Application Shinkai EmptyFri Oct 03, 2008 8:08 pm

Name (Real) : Jessie (im a guy btw)
Age : 17
Location : El Paso, TX
IGN (in game name) : Shinkai
Level : Just started
What can you do to help our community : I want to make this server one of the best private server in the internet and recruit more people, and vote everytime
How many servers you been GM in (name them -_-) : I never been a gm
Do you have Experience : I have played the game, but not as a GM
Why should Chloe and Me pick you : I am responsible and i dont hack, and i never became a gm, i only experience being a gm when i tried to make my own private server, and if you pick either me or my brother (katanadude) or both of us, we can work together to make this server better
What can you do to help the server better : i would do everything to make this server better
Do you have a GM Handbook : Yes i do
Do you know lots of commands : some but not alot but i can learn
How much people can you invite : ill try to get people to recruit but not alot
Extra Info : I go to college, im mostly on everyday, im basicly like my brother, we both go to school together and go to work together, i also like to do animations on pivot, im pretty decent here is a sample

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GM Application Shinkai
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