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 Gm App xSen

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PostSubject: Gm App xSen   Gm App xSen EmptyThu Oct 02, 2008 3:36 am

Name : Sen

Age : 14

Gender : Male

How can active in a day : I can active about 4 hours ~ 8 hours incase i have some problems =]

Did you be Gm in another server : Yes , i'm be gm b4 in FrogyMS , KaranStory , OwnagegaMS & ... 4got le

Why you want to be Gm : I'm going help up this server , make this server popular . I also can help wif voting , catch hacker , makes a banner (but not so nice 1) , try help up freewebs ( i can make it nicer ) or be a moderator in forum . I can do many works if admin call me do it . I can help wif voting . I can change the description let it better that will get more player =] . I also can help admin/hoster find a godly repack . I always check in another forum . I also can host some funny event like jump quest . I will not simply give players things include my best friend too . I'm also can bring some players if 24/7 , I can get more players ! Because some players not same time zone , they will hate . I also can get more votes , more FUN . I can try help admin made it non-hamachi . I also can help find some code if admin need the code , because i'm a active player in ( gamecheetah , forum rage zone ) both two are forum which can find more things about p server .

o.o i made myself format =]

Sorry , if have any wrong words .

Please give me some commands .

Thanks for see my application Very Happy

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Gm App xSen
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