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 (Shadows)My GM app

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PostSubject: (Shadows)My GM app   (Shadows)My GM app EmptySun Nov 09, 2008 10:23 pm


Age :

Location :
The U.S. Pacific time


Level :
17 (LOL will change very quickly however)

What can you do to help our community :
I can help people and make the server HACKER FREE

How many servers you been GM in:
the servers I have been a GM in is UnlimitedMS and AbstractMS.
I also made my own Private Server but I closed it due to nobody joining it :/

Do you have Experience :
Yes,after being A GM for 2 Private servers and my own I know all the expectations/exceptions/commands etc.
I can help the Server grow after I did that to other servers.

Why should Chloe and Me pick you :
I can help spread the server around and criticize the other servers Very Happy. I can put banners(maybe) on certain forums
What can you do to help the server better :
I can make it Hacker clean and jail or ban people who break the terms and conditions
ex.Harass,Curse or insult etc.

Do you have a GM Handbook :
Yes I do and for certain sources

Do you know lots of commands :
This really depends on the source but I can learn them very quickly

How much people can you invite :
This depends but I think I can invite a some people

Extra Info :
I don't have much else to say but I know I'm not 100% qualified for the job but you can put me in for a fair amount of consideration.
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(Shadows)My GM app
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